So, I know Michael Douglas said MCU Hank’s wife was dead, which doesn’t bode well for Janet Van Dyne. (Particularly because the daughter he has is named Hope, same as the one he had with the Wasp in MC2.)

But I do want to point out the slim ray of hope that is the fact that Janet was Hank’s second wife, his first being the ill-fated Maria Trovaya. I know it’s probably not going to be her, but hey. (Creepy side note, he was first attracted to Jan because of how much she looked like his dead first wife. Cyclops can tell you, dude, that never works out well.)

Original Sin seems to be Retcons: The Event. I guess, I’m not really following it. This one was a bit rushed.

I don’t think Deadpool’s crappy childhood is a retcon or even part of Original Sin, but I’m also fairly weak on Deadpool’s history past the basics. (Something something Weapon X, something something Cable, etc)

I think it’s interesting how many iconic X-Men characters started out as bad guys in other people’s books.

As far as accidents go, wiping out an entire planet of living creatures is a pretty big whoopsie.

This one was super rushed. I’ve been getting a lot of overtime at the office this week, which is a bit of a mixed bag. (I could really use the extra cash, but what little free time I get is gone.)

It’d be cool if Teddy got to hang out with his siblings a bit. I know they’re currently suffering from a slight case of death, but, y’know, comics.

Guessing this probably isn’t going to make it into the movie.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Marvel Adventures Hank Pym is the best Hank Pym.

If there’s anything the X-Men do well/often, it’s sleep with each other. And their enemies.

This one’s pretty weak, but I don’t have time to redo it, so here it is. I had sort of a vague idea for a few different jokes that just kinda got crammed in here and it came out…not right.

Next week will be better.

I actually really liked the Mystique/Iceman relationship.

Another teen!Jean/Quentin friendship comic. I like to think of their dynamic as a lighter Professor X/Magneto thing, except without all that sexual tension. (teen!Jean and Quentin work better platonically, I think.)