Have you ever sat in a beanbag chair? They are super comfortable.

A comic from two years ago, when we got snowed in in Boston.

Ah, Belasco. The guy who never thought “hey, maybe that girl I’m training to be evil might turn on me.”

You can tell Illyana is evil because of the incredible weak penis joke in the third panel.

So, there’s this old issue of the X-Men where Baba Yaga is after Illyana Rasputin and Baba Yaga’s all “Ha ha I have you now” and Illyana’s all “hey hagface eat me” and Piotr’s all “Illyana, Baba Yaga is LITERALLY THE WORST PERSON YOU CAN SAY THAT TO”

So, I’ve been listening to Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men (which you should check out, it’s very funny and comprehensive.) It inspired me to re-read a bunch of the first stories from Uncanny X-Men and I was like, WHOA, I forgot how totally freaking awesome Wolverine was during that era. My feelings towards modern Wolverine are…complicated, but during that part of the run he was an interesting and engaging character who¬† didn’t entirely hog the spotlight. It’s actually a little weird for me.

I miss when they made a running thing out of Jean Grey beating the crap out of Sabretooth

C’mon, Celeste. She only did that, like, once. To Firestar’s horse. Butter Rum.

Anonymous said: Why do you hate Hank Pym so much?

Honestly, Hank is one of my favorite Marvel characters. It’s why I do so many comics about him. A lot of my comics focus on his failures, yeah, but failure is a big part of Hank. Things go wrong for him a lot and when they go wrong, they go a LOT wrong. But that doesn’t stop him from picking himself up, dusting himself off, and trying to do his best. Which I think is pretty admirable.

I’m honestly surprised that none of the members of the Illuminati have killed each other yet.

Another Grandpa Magneto Monday.