I’d imagine Wanda is fairly open-minded romantically, given her dating history.

Another “under an hour” comic. Things’ll be back to normal next week. The Vision is crying because I am incapable of drawing a non-crying Vision

I wrote/drew/colored this in like an hour, because of the aforementioned parental visit. Which is why the art here is…well, this week is going to be pretty slap-dash, comic-wise.

Well, your dad is a robot, Billy.

Ugh, this art. My folks are in town this week, so I’m going to have less than the usual time I use to make these this week. There will probably be a drop in quality. Be forewarned.

When it comes to superheroes, I’m less “who would win in a fight” and more “who would sing what on karoke night?”

Less “could x beat up y” and more “what would x cook if s/he knew y was coming over for dinner?”

In which Anole is the opposite of a wingman. I’m pretty sure Santo is over 18, but really who knows how old any of the X-Kids are anymore.

I warned you this was going to be a weird week.

Heels are not a practical superhero accessory, but I guess when you’re magical, you can be as impractical as you want.

Why does technology always have to go full on evil? There is a middle ground.

This has been kind of a weird week, comic-wise, and I’m not sure that that’s going to stop.

Hank has his own way of doing things.

This is one of those comics that started out weird and then just got weirder.

Coincidence or sinister conspiracy involving actors and studios conspiring to encourage more Spider-Man/Human Torch? Probably coincidence.

I’d imagine Johnny is the sort of person who stays up late reading fan fic about himself.