Hank Pym, everybody.

Another one of my old autobiographical comics. I never remember which ones I’ve already posted, so this might be a repeat.

That shirt was definitely a gift from somebody. Probably one of the X-Kids.

I’d imagine Tommy’s blog consists mostly of videos of him blowing stuff up. Also movie review, because it seems almost obligatory to do those if you run a blog.

Some episodes from my never-going-to-happen Avengers cartoon:

(The core group would consist of Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, the Scarlet Witch, the Wasp, dude!Hawkeye, and Captain Marvel Photon Pulsar Spectrum Monica, though other Avengers would show up when needed.)

Seeing Red:  When one of Bruce Banner’s old labs sends out a distress call, the Avengers rush to come to his aid. Banner isn’t anywhere to be seen, but there is a Hulk waiting for them.  A certain crimson-skinned gamma goliath who is less than happy to see the Avengers…

The Captain Calamity: Monica’s mother comes to visit her daughter and has some ideas of her own on how the team should be run. They’ve survived super-villains, alien gods, and natural disasters. Can they survive Mrs Rambeau?

Totally Awesome: Hawkeye bets She-Hulk that she can’t spend a day as regular ol’ Jennifer Walters. Unbeknownst to them, the Awesome Android prepares to attack the Avengers Tower.

Return to Witch Mountain: After her brother goes missing, the Scarlet Witch goes to their birthplace to search for him. But Mount Wundagore has many secrets and it seems like Wanda may find more than she was looking for.

Secret Invasion: When it appears that her old arch-enemy has returned, Captain Marvel goes off on her own to take care of her. Not all shape-shifters are the same, though, and Carol soon finds herself fighting against an unexpected alien threat.

GLA: The Avengers rush to the mid-West to stop super-villain Maelstrom, only to discover that his plan was foiled by local heroes Squirrel Girl and Big Bertha. She-Hulk becomes jealous of the Wasp’s budding friendship with Bertha, while Hawkeye, feeling unappreciated, considers joining the team Squirrel Girl is putting together.

Old School: Kulan Gath, an ancient sorcerer, casts a spell that turns New York into a medieval kingdom. The Avengers team up with Sonja the Red to put the magical mad-man in his place.

Are secondary mutations still a thing? I feel like they were a big thing for a while and then they just sorta stopped happening. (Toad getting his movie powers, Black Tom Cassidy turning into a tree-dude, Angel’s healing blood, Lorna Dane’s super strength. Though a lot of those powers aren’t around anymore, so who knows.)

In all fairness, Scott was mind-whammied by Legion when he slept with Frenzy while dating Emma.

Seriously, Marvel Adventures is probably my favorite comic series out there. Mrs Cage is the best.

Seriously, Marvel Adventures is probably my favorite comic series out there. Mrs Cage is the best.

…why doesn’t Misty Knight have her own movie?

…why doesn’t Misty Knight have her own movie?

Magneto and Luna need to spend more time together. I’m assuming one of the twins bought him that shirt. (The Billy and Tommy twins.)

Anonymous said: Oh man, are you at Boston Comic-Con?

Normally I would be, but I’m going to miss out this year because I moved to the West Coast.